One way to increase the perceived worth of annual accounts preparation is to report on the value of the business and how this has been affected compared to previous years’ valuations. This is particularly relevant as we start to emerge from lockdown: how has business value been affected?

This will help clients appreciate value in a way that reporting solely on book value and cost terms does not.

We believe it is important to look past the annual accounts and have conversations with business owners about their future intentions and how they are going to get there. We need to start these conversations easily and at a natural point in our annual work cycle. Here is a way of spending about 15 minutes at the end of your accounts’ preparation routine to produce information that will start that conversation.

This month’s pack includes:

  • A spreadsheet to handle the valuations
  • A client information update “How much is your business worth”
  • A document that explains the scope of the resources provided and implementation suggestions.

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